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Easy Kleen Laundromat Reviews and Testimonials

"I enjoyed my experience at the Easy Kleen. Compared to other establishments I have been to, this business is extremely clean, the machines are well maintained, and was not too crowded. I go here often to do my laundry and don't see myself going anywhere else."

"Super clean laundromat! Came on a Sunday evening to try this out. When we got there around 5 ... there was only one other person there. I couldn't help but notice how awfully clean this laundromat was. Both washers and dryers -inside & out. Huge thumbs up for this. You can't believe how many laundromats I've been to in my life time where I truly wished i felt comfortable washing my clothes at... well this one is it! Love it love it love it!"

"This place is a hidden gem. The machines are always super clean and maintained. If you do happen to have an issue the owners are very responsive and courteous. I used to hate doing laundry before I found this laundromat and now I look forward to it each week! Great place, great atmosphere, and its well managed. If you're looking for a place to clean your clothes, look no more!"

"The cleanest laundromat you will go to, hands down. The machines are very easy to use and if there is a problem the owners are easy to get a hold of and super helpful. The place is always decorated nicely with local sports teams and all the clientele are super friendly as well. Easy 5 stars in my book and won't go anywhere else for my laundromat needs."