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Fun Things to do in Town N' Country, FL

December 22, 2023

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Town 'n' Country, Florida, offers a variety of activities for residents and visitors. Here are some fun things you can do in the area:

  1. Explore Parks:

    • Visit Al Lopez Park for picnics, walking trails, and sports facilities.
    • Check out Skyway Park for its playgrounds and open spaces.
    • Enjoy a day at the Upper Tampa Bay Park with its nature trails and water activities.
  2. Shopping and Dining:

    • Explore the Westfield Citrus Park Mall for shopping, dining, and entertainment.
    • Try local restaurants and cafes to experience the diverse culinary scene in the area.
  3. Outdoor Activities:

    • Rent a kayak or paddleboard and explore the waterways of Tampa Bay.
    • Go fishing at one of the local lakes or ponds.
  4. Cultural and Historical Sites:

    • Visit the Tampa Bay History Center to learn about the region's rich history.
    • Explore local museums and art galleries to appreciate the cultural scene.
  5. Attend Events:

    • Check for local events, festivals, and community gatherings happening in Town 'n' Country or nearby Tampa.
  6. Golfing:

  7. Fitness and Recreation:

    • Join a fitness class or visit a local gym for a workout.
    • Use the local parks for jogging, cycling, or other outdoor activities.
  8. Community Events:

    • Attend local farmers' markets for fresh produce and handmade goods.
    • Participate in community events or join clubs and groups with shared interests.
  9. Beaches:

  10. Explore Tampa:

  11. Live Entertainment:

    • Look for local theaters or performance venues for live entertainment options.
  12. Sports:

    • Attend a sports event or watch a game at one of the local sports bars.

Remember to check for any specific events or activities happening during your visit, as the local scene can change. Whether you're interested in outdoor adventures, cultural experiences, or simply relaxing, Town 'n' Country has something to offer.

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