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Laundromat Tips

April 19, 2022


Using a laundromat can be a calm and quiet experience where you check your email or read a book while your laundry is in the machines. Or it could be chaos as you try and remember what machine you used, what setting you put the clothes on and there is no one in the cavernous place to help you. So here are some tips to make your laundromat experience the best it can be.

  1. Choose a good laundromat. You want to choose a laundromat that is clean, attended, and has various sized machines. Too many zombie mats are dirty, unattended and half the machines are broken. A good laundromat like Easy Kleen always has someone there to help you if you need help or instructions. They are also constantly cleaning so your environment is comfortable. And you want a place that has various sizes of washers and dryers if you have bulky items or simply a lot of laundry.
  2. Sort before you go. If you want to maximize your time, sort your clothes before you leave the house. That way you already know what size loads you have and what size machines to use. 
  3. Choose on off time. Some laundromats can get quite crowded during certain times of the day. Nothing is worse then having to lie in wait for someone to empty their machine so you can pounce on it before someone else does. If you choose off hour times, like early in the morning or mid day you are more likely to have the place to yourself.
  4. Read the machine instructions. Washers and dryers have very specific instructions and some can be quite complicated when it comes to choosing your wash cycle. Read the instructions before you start.
  5. Empty your pockets. Always check the pockets of your clothes. Some things can survive the wash cycle but some cannot. Don't let your wallet or cell phone become a victim.
  6. Don't leave anything behind. Make sure to double check the washer and dryer after you remove your clothes. You don't want to accidently leave anything behind. 
  7. Smell the washer. Yes, give the washer a sniff. If it smells like bleach you don't want to put dark clothes in that machine because the bleach may carry over and ruin your clothing. 

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