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Laundry Myths

January 19, 2024

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There are several laundry myths that have been debunked over time. Here are a few:

  1. More Detergent Cleans Better: Using too much detergent can actually be counterproductive. Excess detergent can leave a residue on clothes and even damage the washing machine.

  2. Hot Water Kills All Germs: While hot water can help kill some bacteria and allergens, it's not necessary for every load. Many fabrics and colors can be effectively cleaned in cold water, which also helps save energy.

  3. Fabric Softener is Always Necessary: Fabric softeners can make clothes feel softer, but they are not always necessary. Some fabrics, like athletic wear, may perform better without softeners, and they can also leave a residue that reduces absorbency in towels.

  4. Dryer Sheets are Essential: While dryer sheets can reduce static and add a pleasant scent, they are not essential. They may contain chemicals that can irritate sensitive skin, and some people prefer alternatives like dryer balls.

  5. Separate Colors and Whites Every Time: While separating colors and whites can prevent color bleeding, modern detergents are often formulated to prevent this. It's still a good practice for new, vibrant items, but not strictly necessary for every load.

  6. Air Drying is Always Better: While air drying can be gentler on clothes and save energy, it's not always practical or suitable for every fabric. Some items may need the tumbling action of a dryer to maintain their shape.

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