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Pet Hair Laundry Tips

April 28, 2023

Dog Washing Machine

Everyone loves their pets. But what they don’t love is the pet hair that gets everywhere. Here are a couple of tips on how to reduce the pet hair that gets on your clothes and into your laundry.

  1. Brush Fluffy regularly. When you brush your pet regularly their excess hair ends up on the pet brush and not free floating around your home.
  2. De-fluff your clothes before you put them in the washer. Take a lint roller to your clothes to remove excess hair before you put them in your laundry bag. If you don’t have a lint roller, latex gloves, tape, or even a damp towel will do the trick.
  3. If you have particularly fur laden clothes you might consider running your clothes through a ten minute drying cycle first. Using low heat this will cause the pet hair to loosen up. Make sure to specify this when you place your order.
  4. There are pet hair specific dryer sheets that can be used in the dryer. If you provide them, we will be happy to use them when we dry your laundry.
  5. Clean your washer and dryer often. Not a problem if you use Easy Kleen! We clean our washers and dryers between each use.

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