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Beware the Zombiemat - use Easy Kleen instead

December 30, 2022

Zombie Mat

Some people have had bad experiences with laundromats. If you have ever been to a zombiemat you know what I’m talking about. Zombiemats are the laundromats that are dark, dank and you are alone with machines that barely work, if at all. If you’re very lucky, there is a working change machine. (If not, then you had to resort to digging in the couch cushions) Most are deserted with a few felt flowers for ambiance. There may have been one of two other people there, usually helpfully letting you know that the change machine was broken.

Today’s modern laundromats are very different. Now most laundromats provide TVs, free wi-fi and vending machines. Most have attendants on site if you have questions or if you need change. Some laundromats don’t even take change anymore. “Card laundries” take credit cards, debit cards, EBT. Or they have a loyalty card that you load with money and use it as a laundry debit card.

With some modern laundries, like Easy Kleen, you don’t even have to do your own laundry. With wash and fold the laundromat does your laundry for you. All you do is drop it off and come back for it when it’s done.

If you need a laundromat don’t be afraid. Laundromats like Easy Kleen are modern, clean and happy places that are actually pleasant to visit.

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