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Washing Machine Meltdown! Laundry service to the rescue!

June 17, 2022

Broken Washing Machine Shutterstock 1940777671

What happens when your washing machine stops working?

It’s going to happen, and most likely it will happen at the worst possible time. Maybe when you’ve just gotten back from a two-week vacation. Or perhaps right before you are going to have a house full of people. There’s no need to panic because Easy Kleen can help you out.

You can take all your laundry to our laundromat, and we can wash and fold it for you. Just drop it off and get back to what you were doing. Or, if you are really pressed for time, (your mother-in-law is already on her way for a visit, and you need some clean sheets asap) you can schedule a laundry pickup and delivery. We’ll come to your home and pick up that laundry and return it to your doorstep! That way, you can continue your rigorous house cleaning (mother-in-law always brings a magnifying glass to criticize your poor housecleaning) while we take care of your laundry. Your mother-in-law will never have a bad thing to say about her sheets and towels when we’re on the job!

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